A Hot Meze Dish You Can’t Miss

Meze essentially means small plates for sharing. It’s a big part of the dining experience in the Eastern Mediterranean. The idea behind meze is to share with friends a healthful, leisurely meal.

In our┬áTalagani Saganaki dish found on our Meze dinner menu, we combine unique, bold Mediterranean flavors to create a beautiful dish. Talagani is a traditional Greek cheese, handmade from sheep and goats’ milk. It has a superior, softer texture and a richer, creamier flavor which is offset by a delicate saltiness and subtle mint undertones. The unique, robust flavors of the Talagani cheese pairs well with the sweet and sour combination of the dried fruit sauce in our Talagani Saganaki dish. The fragrant rosemary spice featured in this dish is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine. It combines with the savory flavors of bacon and sweet, subtle flavors of pine nuts to take this small plate to another level.

“Talagani cheese, a special find for us at Vasilis’ Kitchen. We are excited to be the first to provide this unique cheese to the DMV.” – Chef Aris Tsekouras