Almonds – The Powerful Tree Nut

Almonds are a part of Mediterranean history dating back thousands of years. Almond trees could be found alongside popular trade routes in history. Explorers ate this amazing nut while traveling on the Silk Road which connected Asia to the Mediterranean. After this introduction of almonds to the Mediterranean, their cultivation began and it wasn’t long before almonds became a mainstay in the Mediterranean diet.

Almonds are nutrient and antioxidant-dense, so they offer a number of health benefits. The powerful nut is known for helping to control blood sugar and blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and aiding in weight loss. The Mediterranean region has celebrated these health benefits by creating delicious meals centered on or accentuated by the tree nut.

In our kitchen we take pride in each of our menu items and only source from the best producers. To create unique dishes that our patrons will enjoy, we start with only the best ingredients. We want our food to pay homage to the rich culinary history of almonds, that makes them a key ingredient in some of the best Mediterranean recipes. With this in mind, our culinary team makes it a point to maintain the integrity of the tree nut in each of our recipes.