Bringing Mediterranean Design to Life at Vasili’s

You can feel the Mediterranean influenced in everything from the simple details to larger impacts. Warm, earthy and rich textures are the foundation of decor.

Mediterranean design is carefree and casual, emphasizing the colors and textures found in the surrounding landscape. Nature is always apparent in architectural elements and furnishings. Mediterranean textures and colors are vibrant and earthy – colorful patterned tile, rustic wood beams and bright textiles are frequent features. All these inspirations brought the Vasili’s Kitchen interior design together.

Earthy colors.

To pay homage to our Mediterranean roots, we focused on colors inspired by nature. The sea is a big influence of a traditional Mediterranean color palette, as many elements echo those of the sky and sea. Color schemes are also heavily dependent on earth tones like browns, rusts, tans, grays and charcoals.

Patterns and Textures.

In Mediterranean style, surfaces convey the impression of an artisan’s touch. Walls and ceiling applications are predominately textured. And tile is one of the hallmarks of Mediterranean decor. From tiles to cement and wood, Vasili’s features a variety of textures and colors throughout the restaurant.

Rustic touches.

Whether it’s exposed wooden beams overhead or tiled entryways, Mediterranean interiors are infamous for having rustic, yet modern finishes in detailing. Rustic style and elements create a cozy and comfortable environment with a relaxed sophistication. Our private dining room features tall ceilings with exposed wooden beams.

Lighting elements.

A variety of lighting fixtures adds casual elegance and a warm atmosphere that brings friends and family together. To create an emphasis on atmosphere, multiple types of lighting fixtures accent textures used for wall finishes.