A Dessert You’ll Always Want to Save Room For

When it comes to Mediterranean desserts, the most sweet delights incorporate ingredients like honey, yogurt and nuts. To highlight these signature elements, we feature Loukoumades on our dessert menu.

Our Loukoumades, heavenly fried donuts are served warm, drizzled with honey syrup and sprinkled with walnuts. When you take a bite, you are met with a crisp exterior followed by an airy dough that combines sweetness from the honey and slight sourness from the yeast.

Considered to be the oldest recorded dessert in the world, Loukomades were served to the winners of the Greek Olympics as “honey tokens.” And since then, this dessert continues to be a staple in Mediterranean culture. Food and travel bloggers write about walking down the streets in Greece, smelling the fresh dough and honey sweetness of the Loukoumades.