Inspiration from the Mediterranean

At the start of each year many of us are looking for an aspect of our lives to improve upon as part of a new year’s resolution. For some it is to lose weight, use less technology, read more books, or even to just take time from their busy lives to relax. Lucky for us, the Mediterranean lifestyle, with its slow pace and nutritious foundations, makes resolutions like that easy.


Taking the time to pause and really appreciate the little things in life is becoming increasingly hard for many people. Our culture is go-go-go even on the weekends. The Mediterranean culture built itself upon values that incorporate time into each day to stop and smell the roses, literally. Be innovative with your resolution this year, start by adopting the lifestyle of those from the Mediterranean. Slow down the pace of your life with simple dinners surrounded by friends and family where you reconnect with the things, both big and small, that matter most in life.

The Mediterranean culture is also home to one of the best diets for overall health. Built upon plant-based foods and healthy fats, the Mediterranean diet acts as a preventative method for many common illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and even Parkinson’s. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful on the coasts and main lands, allowing each meal to hold fresh and bold flavors. Ingredients in traditional dishes include key nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. When you embrace this diet, comprised of small, fresh and healthy meals throughout the day, you are embracing overall and continued health.

This year, change the pace of your new year’s resolution. You don’t have to jump in feet first and set immediate goals; rather take the time to fully enjoy the new mindset and cuisine you are bringing into your life. May your 2017 be filled with nutritious food, relaxed evenings and time with friends and family