Olive Oil – The Foundation of Mediterranean Cuisine

In Mediterranean cuisine, everything revolves around olive oil. It is an essential ingredient because of its taste and nutritional benefits, but also because of its ties to Mediterranean culture. The olive has been a symbol of friendship and source of wealth for people living in the Mediterranean.

Extra virgin and virgin olive oils are actually made by crushing olives, so a good olive oil should have the aroma of olives. The process of crushing olives into the oil is also where the amazing health benefits of olives are transitioned into the oil. Regular consumption of fresh olive oil has been found to be effective in preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease — even osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

Olive oil has the ability to enhance traditional tastes of dishes you love. The fruit based astringent quality of extra virgin olive oil actually binds with the flavors of foods to amplify and elevate the natural flavors of the other ingredients. Which is why you’ll find olive oil in nearly all of our dishes. One of our favorites is the Taramosalta spread, our house made velvety carp egg roe spread. It lets the extra virgin olive oil shine, combined with fresh lemon juice for a fresh finish.

If you enjoy olive oil, you’ll love everything at Vasili’s Kitchen. If you’re not an olive oil lover, not to worry, after one meal with us, you will be.