Perfectly Pair Your Wine and Food

In the Mediterranean, wine is considered a cultural complement to each course. To give our guests the full experience, our extensive list of sparkling, rose, whites and reds helps you to choose the perfect accompaniment that will enhance your meal.

A Mediterranean dining experience extends beyond what’s on your plate. Our fresh ingredients work together to create the perfect meal. And when you join us for dinner, you’ll discover an exceptional array of wines with influences from the Mediterranean culture that will accentuate the flavor profiles of each of our dishes.

When it comes to wine pairing, the basic theory is to select flavors that parallel one another – match lighter fare with white wines or light reds and heavier food with bolder, red wines.

Here are some additional tips to consider when you are choosing what to order:

• If you are considering ordering a light salad or mezze dish, we suggest choosing a white or lighter red wine.

• Acidic dishes pair well with wines that are also high in acidity, so it is a good idea to try and match the acidity level of the wine to the acidity in your meal.

• Light seafood dishes are best accompanied by white wine varieties, since they are lighter on the palette.

• Rich and savory dishes are typically paired with rich, flavorful wines. Dishes like lamb or beef go best with a full-bodied red wine.